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A Point of View is Worth 100 IQ Points 

May 2018 | ProductCraft ↗

That’s why portability is the key purpose of a teachable POV. You want to create substance that people can both internalize and share with others. If your story is emotionally resonant for your team, they can then retell it, and it becomes contagious ...


Does Known Get in the Way of the Unknown? 

April 2018 | ProductCraft ↗

As product leaders, we’re more interested getting it right than in being right. In order to get it right, we must acknowledge that we come with biases and assumptions that can misguide our product decision making ...


Dogfooding at Pendo 

March 2018 | Pendo at Pendo ↗

Made popular by Google, dogfooding, is when a company uses (not always eats) the products that it makes ...

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How Will You Measure Your Product?

March 2018 | ProductCraft ↗

I am still convinced that the team was building the right product. So, what happened? They were measuring the wrong thing ...

How Rapid Rapid Prototyping Feeds a Maniacal Focus on the Customer

March 2018 | InVision ↗

Each individual on our team focuses on getting it right for the customer—not being right individually. There’s a big difference.

The Rise of Product Leadership

March 2018 |  Hacker Noon ↗ 

It is then essential that every product leader understands what it really means to master their craft to help ensure their venture’s success. Product development can’t simply be managed — it must be led — with expertise

A Few Book Recommendations for Aspiring Product Leaders

February 2018 | ProductCraft ↗

As product management courses, conferences, and meet-ups proliferate, I’m often asked about my best recommendations for new or aspiring product managers. I’ll jump right to it: here are my five book recommendations (in no particular order) ...


Inspiration Precedes Innovation

February 2018 | ↗

How working closely with customers leads to actionable innovation. A few practical tips conducting customer observations and in-depth interviews ...

Product leaders: It’s time to take NPS back

February 2018 | Hacker Noon ↗

More common than not, Client Success has been owning NPS (Net Promoter Score) in the B2B world. This is good, but not great. I’d like to see more product leaders owning it, understanding it, and building a system around it …

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Your Product is Only as Good as Your Team

February 2018 | ProductCraft

Selfishly, it’s a matter of legacy. I want each member of my team to someday look back at what we accomplished, and how we accomplished it (just as important), and regard it as “the best ...


On Managing Creativity

January 2018 | iTunes Podcast:  We Need Another Meeting  

How do you create a culture of creativity? In this episode, we are joined by Brian Crofts, the Chief Product Officer at Pendo, and discuss his tips on how to ensure creativity is welcome.

True Product Innovation Requires Deep Customer Insights (video)

September 2017 | Product Hive

Deep insight into customer behavior can catapult mundane, expected product refinements into true breakthrough-style product innovations ... Brian will explain how observation, communication and good data are the pillars of creating a good product experience.

Big Innovation Requires Big Insights

August 2017 | Mind the Product

Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer at Pendo, believes uncovering and understanding client pain points allows him to build products that truly resonate. Brian joined Pendo from Namely, and formerly from Intuit, where he started his career in finance before finding his passion for product.


What Product Teams Can Learn From Disney's "Moana"

April 2017 | Hacker Noon ↗

Seeking and developing meaningful insights plays a critical role in innovation whether building an application, solving a problem, or in this case, developing a major feature film. Insights can help teams go beyond “expected product refinements” and move towards “creating delight.”


Before The Interview, Talk With Customers

April 2017 | Hacker Noon ↗

Successful product leaders are data-driven & customer-backed —they are builders and visionaries. In an interview, you can demonstrate these abilities in a meaningful way (and it will set you apart from other candidates) by talking to customers first.

Product Lessons Learned: Interview With Brian Crofts

February 2017 | Product Plan ↗

Early on, I saw a product manager on stage at an Intuit all-hands and I thought, “that guy has the best job.” The product manager was a great story teller. He articulated a clear customer problem and had deep empathy for the customer’s pain ...

My Two Weeks in India

February 2017 | Hacker Noon ↗

When we first arrived, it was clear that we would be receiving much more than we could possibly give. I’ll always remember the feeling of great anticipation as we walked up to the village where dozens of locals waited. After months of preparation, we were finally here.


How HR Technology Optimizes Business Partnerships

November 2016 | LinkedIn Article ↗

This is where HR technology comes in: it allows HR professionals to leave behind the “Wild West” of scattered spreadsheets in favor of a real-time, integrated information system -- or as I think of it, a source of truth ...

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HBS Case Study:  A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

September 2015 | HBR ↗

The case describes in detail the lean startup methods used by the new product team, and how their attempts bump up against the existing, entrenched systems and processes of the larger enterprise.


Intuit Labs:  The Evolution of Innovation

December 2014 | Intuit Labs ↗

Learning from analogous businesses — typically from leaders from other industries who are attempting to solve, or have already solved, similar problems — can be the most effective way to generate valuable insights ...

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QuickBooks TV: TurboTax CPA Select

March 2013 | YouTube Video ↗

Intuit Group Product Manager, Brian Crofts, visits the RFQ-TV team (Stacy Kildal, Dawn W Brolin, CPA, MSA and Woody Adams) to introduce TurboTax CPA Select.


KHOU: TurboTax CPA Select

March 2013 | KHOU News ↗

Houston, TX – It's tax season and that means its time to pull out that old box of receipts. The April 15th deadline will be here before you know it. We caught up with innovation leader Brian Crofts with Intuit to provide tips to get you started ...